Saskatoon Video Production by Tara Yolan



For a limited time, Tara Yolan Productions (TYP) is offering the ultimate marketing tool for a ridiculously low price!

Why is video the ultimate marketing tool?  Have a seat.

Video is the fastest and most effective way to reach your clients or customers. If you aren’t promoting your business with video, you might as well go fill some bottles and warm up the bench because you’re not in the game. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-person shop or have a staff of 100, getting your brand out to the eyes and ears of the masses is as important as having a functioning website.

Why are we offering this to you?

Because it’s time you shine a spotlight on everything your company has to offer and stun the living world with it.

Let’s do this!


And by ‘together’, we actually mean that TYP pretty much does everything and you just show up.

What we are offering you for ridiculously cheap:

TYP will film your business in all its glory. We’ll do a brief interview with an owner or next best-looking representative and find out what your company specializes in and why it should be in high demand. TYP will creatively mix these ingredients and design a stunning, engaging and professionally produced 60-second video that will exceed expectations, because that’s just what we do. You will proudly share this video on your website, Facebook, YouTube and across all other social media platforms. You will watch it 85 times before bed and another 50 the next day and your chest will tighten with pride and you won’t be able to wipe your silly grin off your face because, finally, everyone is going to know how great your business is.

The deets:

This package includes the filming of one location at which we will conduct one interview (maximum of 3 hours on location). We will calmly guide you through the interview process and make sure you nail the key points with utter confidence. Afterwards, we will remove any stutters, awkward glances or pauses to make you look and sound your best!

There’s no need to worry about workplace disruption; we are fast and efficient and can set up and tear down faster than a mad hatter.

Production includes:

  • Professional filming using a single camera, lighting and audio.
  • One catchy, royalty-free music track of our choosing.
  • Incorporation of logo and website address.
  • An opportunity for one set of minor edit revisions.
  • A high quality file in a ready-to-upload-anywhere format.

Normally, a video like this would cost a few thousand… but we are willing to get you in the game for just $1,500 plus tax for a 60-second video! Seriously. That’s it. It’s really the best investment you can make. Now you have no excuses.

But hang on a minute! Check out these add-ons:

You may want more than one person speaking about the business, or perhaps there’s a client or customer willing to add a short testimonial about how great your service or product is. The more the merrier!

  • Each additional interviewee onsite  +$200  (off-site work is negotiable)
  • Each additional camera onsite  +$450 
  • Film at a second location on the same day +$200
  • Each additional 10 seconds of video length   +$150
  • Animation of logo or website url  +$50-150
  • Addition of text over video +$50-$200  (depends on amount of text)
  • Hair and/or make up $100-$250

No spokesperson, no problem!

Give us a script of 140 words or less and TYP will professionally narrate it, in-house, without stutters, awkward glances or pauses for $350,

Or have us choose from our huge library of professional voices for $500.

Wanna know what your finished video will kinda look like?

Check out these two examples that have a couple of add-ons:

Video example with one additional interview, simple logo animation

Video example with added length of 20 seconds and simple logo animation

We’ve now sold you on this no-brainer investment, and we’re really, really proud of you for taking these next steps. Your business is going to be more successful than its ever been and when you’re receiving your ‘best business’ award, keep in mind that we thoroughly enjoy chocolate and wine-filled thank-you gifts.

It’s time. Let’s book you in.

Email: tara@tarayolan.com
Call: 306-260-6157