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  • Saskatchewan.ca Account

    We do graphic animation! We partnered with the innovative firm Zu in Saskatoon to create an animated video for the provincial government. They were beyond pleased.…

  • Saskatchewan Pension Plan “Act Your Age”

    And you thought you were in shape? Wait until you watch this! Carol Lafayette-Boyd gets more fit and more accomplished the older she gets. She is definitely not ‘ac…

  • Saskatchewan Pension Plan – “Act Your Age”

    A fantastic time at Broadway Shoe Repair! The owner is part of Saskatchewan Pension Plan’s “Act Your Age” campaign. I bet you don’t envision someo…

Recent Videos


We created this video to highlight SIGA’s community partnership with Princess Alexandra School. They are learning some sweet skills thanks to the continued support!

Saskatchewan Pension Plan “Act Your Age”

And you thought you were in shape? Wait until you watch this! Carol Lafayette-Boyd gets more fit and more accomplished the older she gets. She is definitely not ‘acting her age’! -Jen

Saskatchewan Pension Plan – “Act Your Age”

A fantastic time at Broadway Shoe Repair! The owner is part of Saskatchewan Pension Plan’s “Act Your Age” campaign. I bet you don’t envision someone his age doing this job! Thanks to LMNO for making this another great shoot! -Jen


Neil Weber, Managing Partner for Virtus Group, talks about company growth for The Business Advisor, a Magazine for Saskatoon Entrepreneurs.


Meet Payton Sernick – the 2018 Champion Child for Saskatchewan. Payton is a brave girl who speaks up for other sick children who will need the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital.


Staff and students at the University of Saskatchewan feel the rewards of supporting the welfare of others. They are learning the importance of giving, as long-time donors Kay and Dora Nasser have done through their Nasser Family Emergency Student Trust.


The current and incoming chairs look back at the success of this organization that helps women transition into a new career. We feature two of Dress for Success’ clients and their journey towards a better life.


Forget all you’ve heard about CrossFit and have a look into the community of Synergy Strength. It may be what you’ve been searching for your whole adult life. Have a watch.


You can control any battery operated device from your phone!! Playful Technologies needed a video to sell their new product- and they needed it in less than a week! We delivered. Check it out!


Another Oticon testimonial! We shot this in Calgary a couple of weeks ago. Dwaine just wants to rock out, and now he can.


We’ve been working for a company called Oticon who flew us to Vancouver to meet this little guy and tell his story. This head gear lets Linus hear everything through his skull. Technology is awesome!


The Saskatoon Winter City Strategy is a campaign set out to gather ideas of how to keep the community alive and active during our many winter months. With an emphasis on ‘fun’, we created an animated video with messaging from Consultant Leanne Nyirfa and graphics from one mouse graphic design.[…]


The College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan dedicated an evening to celebrate the achievements of alumnus and Professor Emeritus, Karim “Kay” Nasser, at the C.J. Mackenzie Gala of Engineering Excellence. Our video included heartfelt and spirited testimonials from a number of former students, colleagues and beneficiaries of Kay’s[…]


We travelled to a small community outside of Puerto Vallarta called Campestre las Cañadas where a remarkable foundation (FEP) is transforming the lives of people, one person at a time. FEP’s approach is based off the belief that everyone has greater potential than they know possible, and their role is[…]


For the third consecutive year, TYP was invited to film a generous and spirited donation from the McKercher LLP law firm in Saskatoon and Regina. This year, they centred their attention on those who often get very little during Christmas time; senior citizens. Music, cake, dancing and sing-alongs, this was[…]


This is our third installment of the Ronald McDonald House family stories, featuring baby Maria. She’s the sweetest little thing you’ve ever seen, and has a heart like no other. Literally.


I got my wish. To experience someone hearing for the first time- in this case, the first time in over 30 years. We filmed the operation and activation of Vi’s cochlear implant- the first of this type of implant in Canada. Watching her and her husband react was priceless. Listen.


This is a quick little diddy we put together for Ideas Inc’s Launch Pad. It’s a cool co-working space on the main floor of their office beside the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market. For $99 a month, it’s a steal of a deal!


After a serious rebranding, Bolt Mobile (formerly Battery Boys) called on TYP to create a 15 second promotional video that would set the tone for business moving forward. Their big selling feature is customer service, and after experiencing this first hand, I’m thinking their red carpet treatment must be making[…]


Vintage furniture, a beautiful natural backdrop and a photoshoot involving several ladies from Elim Sisterhood composed the elements of this event promo-piece. Beauty for Ashes is a seminar for ladies seeking spiritual, emotional and basic life fulfillment.

Hockey Heroes- Heart and Stroke Foundation

Big time hockey veterans and their biggest fans skate side by side in this fundraising event for the Heart and Stroke Foundation in Saskatoon. Awesome to be a part of it!


This promo piece was so much fun to produce and we couldn’t have asked for a better actor to play this part! It features Oliver, a kid with a new swagger after becoming a regular at the Gallagher Centre Water Park.


Filmed the same day as the ‘Oliver’ video, Linda is an example of the type of employee the Gallagher Centre Water Park in Yorktown is looking to recruit and train; a hard worker needing flexibility, a new challenge and a change of pace.


We really fell in love with this city. It’s beautiful, vibrant, full of young families…this was a pleasure to produce. Thank you Martensville!


This is an updated video for the Saskatoon Crisis Nursery; an incredible non-profit organization that takes in children for a myriad of reasons. What they do is unbelievable. Have a watch.


RSVP Event Design is an award-winning event planning business based in Saskatoon. After experiencing every formal event imaginable, it only made sense that owner Crystal Anderson MacLeod would dance into the world of social and dinner etiquette. Crystal offers workshops to business leaders, staff members and organizations of all kinds[…]


The only mental health facility of its kind in Saskatchewan is also one of the oldest buildings in the province. People with severe to moderate mental issues make this hospital home- some have lived here for decades. It’s a sad scene inside these walls, fortunately they have incredible staff to[…]


“Our objective is to help players fulfill their potential and therefore we provide realistic and affordable pathways to that end.” And that they do. We created this video for the Astra Soccer Academy and it wasn’t hard to see how dedicated the coaching staff were and how quickly they engaged[…]


HappyFeet is part of the Astra Soccer program in Saskatoon. Dedicated, passionate, super fun instructors lead each class with the same level of energy the kids exude- which made it challenging to catch all the action with our camera!


‘Transformation’ was a video we created for Dress for Success Saskatoon to be shown at their annual ‘Ensemble’ fundraiser. DFS supports women transitioning into the workplace by providing clothing, style coupons, emotional and education support. We were able to put some miles on our macro lenses to get some fantastic[…]


Only a very simple video was needed to showcase this raw performance. Beautifully performed, Elly.


Global Institute for Food Security is researching ways to feed the world through transformative innovations in agriculture and food production here in Saskatchewan and in developing nations throughout the world. In time, they could be responsible for ending world-wide hunger. No biggie. I got to hang out with and film[…]


Elly Thorn is a good friend of mine. She’s got a huge heart and wears her emotions on her sequinned-ilined sleeve. When the refugee crisis hit mainstream media, like many of us, Elly was moved to do something. Inspired by a couple of ladies who approached her at her last[…]


Phoenix is a red panda who, like all animals at the local zoo, needs a regular checkup. The Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo hired TYP to film his visit to the Veterinarian Clinic at the U of S.. We created a fun video aimed to educate visitors to the[…]


Jacqueline Nuesch is offering something so extraordinary that people are starting to take notice. Her healing services and products that can be found in her beautiful shop in Saskatoon and online are having a profound impact on the physical and mental well-being of clients who have tried everything else- and[…]


McKercher LLP does it again! Warming hearts with their Christmas generosity and community spirit. Watch the often unseen side of lawyers being downright cute with some pretty special little people!

Fun Lung Video – Lung Association

The Lung Association wanting something creative, unique, but most importantly- FUN- to deliver a handful of facts about our amazing lungs. This was our animated deliverable. Boom.

Community Standards

Man, this was fun. TYP is diving head first into the world of motion graphics and couldn’t have had a better client to allow such creativity to blossom. Watch for a second video coming out soon, targeting the general community. It will explain who to contact directly within City Hall[…]

City of Saskatoon – Growing Forward

I seriously laughed until my cheeks hurt filming this one with Jennifer Pesenti and Danny Gray. You guys were great to work with! Let’s backtrack…This video is part of the City of Saskatoon’s Growing Forward campaign to get people thinking about the future of our infrastructure with a steadily growing[…]

Near Fatal: A Patient Safety Story

The Saskatoon Health Region wanted to share a story with the public about a recent system breakdown which nearly killed a young boy in hospital care. It was a brave and very important move on the Health Region’s part, wanting to prove to the public that they are working to[…]

Rise by Design – Jami Young

“I believe when women rise fully to their own occasions, they deepen their capacity to create extraordinary lives, careers, communities and organizations.” -Jami After filming the last session of Jami’s Rise By Design workshop, it was very clear that women in attendance had truly internalized everything they learned and felt[…]

Croatia Industries LTD.

There is something really cool about filming massive machines and large centrifugal compressors. I actually loved it. All the guys were super nice and more cooperative than I could have hoped for. Ken is the bees knees. I also took full advantage of their in-house catering; an older lady who[…]

Mine Your Potential

The handful of men who attended the Women in Mining/Women in Nuclear’s annual ‘Mine Your Potential conference’ likely gave themselves a few fist-pumps under the table after they realized they would be spending the day with nearly 200 beautiful and highly intelligent women. The attendees were treated to some incredible[…]

Creative Kids/Creative Mayhem

Now this was a pretty cool event for a pretty cool cause. Creative Kids raises money to put underprivilaged children in dance, music lessons, art lessons, cultural activities- basically anything not sport-based. (There already are foundations that support kids and sporting activities.) So, in walks Kim Coates, with his can-do[…]

PapaBravo Innovations

There’s few things cooler in the world of green technology than electric cars. PapaBravo Innovations custom builds these workhorses for underground mining. PapaBravo’s unique patent is the driving force behind these babies. Check them out.

Prairie Hospice Society

Some of the most emotionally difficult projects to edit are usually the most worthy of exposure. The Prairie Hospice Society helps individuals who are in need of in-home care as they come to the end of their lives; this includes children with illness. Hear Cindy Placsko-Korte’s heart-breaking story of her[…]


…And it really was that easy. Two fabulous actors, a generous friend with a perfect home and a clean, simple script allowed this commercial for Saskhouses.com to be filmed and edited in one week. Ta da!

St. Andrew’s College

St. Andrew’s is a Theological College representing the United Church of Canada. Looking for new ways to attract students and sponsors, the college hired Tara Yolan Productions to create a video that would encompass both the energy and direction of the college. The energy was especially easy to capture. Everyone[…]

Saskatoon Crisis Nursery

Saskatoon Crisis Nursery is one of the only non-profit organizations in the city that take in children during times of crisis. I truly believe that every person who works at the Nursery is an angel. This video was a no-brainer, it had to be made. People have to see what[…]

Nuit Blanche

It was amazing to experience. Just watch.

Tracy Joy

It is damned hard to go back to work after having a baby, Tracy McArthur knows it, too. Her mission is to coach women making that difficult transition from home to work. It was nice to meet Tracy’s adorable family and you could really get a sense that she practices[…]

Belle Plaine – Waikiki

The incredibly talented Belle Plaine filmed at the Keyhole Castle in Prince Albert.

Organ Donation Series – Oliver’s Story

This kid has spunk. He’s dedicated to being healthy, which is rare for that age, but he’s known a different kind of life; one that didn’t let him run, or even walk at times. Now he’s winning gold medals. And probably chicks.

Organ Donation Series – Bonnie’s Story

This is one of five stories I created for The Saskatoon Health Region for their organ donor campaign. I love, love, love these women and their incredible story! Just watch.

Organ Donation Series – Cheryl’s Story

I’m perhaps a little too close to this couple for an objective look at their incredible story. Cheryl is on her third heart. THREE HEARTS! ONE WOMAN! I’d be walking around like a total gangster. Aside from the obvious case of how important it is to be an organ donor,[…]

Kelvington Ambulance Care LTD. – Public Service Announcement

This video was created for Kelvington Ambulance Care Ltd. to promote their ongoing initiative to curb driver distraction. This mock crash scene was shot in Kelvington and at Saskatchewan Air Ambulance in Saskatoon. The actors, Kelvington High School graduates, really gave it their all which made for a realistic experience.

Elim Church

Before Elim asked me to put together this video, I really didn’t know much about the church… but I soon learned a lot of people do. On the eastern edge of the city, this massive white church hosts Sunday service and events for hundreds of people. They are energetic, to[…]

DSG Power Systems

Thank you, Percy Hoff Jr. and Sr. for giving me the opportunity to learn about your successful company; a force to be reckoned with, tucked away behind the Ramada Hotel. Filming consisted of enduring 35 degree heat in the middle of a crop zone with one very patient soul -thanks[…]

Saskatoon Wastewater Treatment Plant

This entire experience felt like a really cool school field trip followed by a final exam. (Thanks for the incredible cheat sheet, Leanne Nyirfa!) I loved touring the facility and really took in the sights and smells. “If only I could bottle this scent”, I said to the plant manager[…]

BUH Foundation

The Battlefords Union Hospital Foundation is the force that keeps the hospital stocked with everything from life-saving tools to comfortable hospital beds. They are focused on improving the lives of their patients with the financial support they receive from people in the community.

ENGCOMP – People and Culture

I produced this video for ENGCOMP, my husband’s engineering consulting firm in Saskatoon. They wanted to showcase their culture and the employee experience. It was a pleasure to film and a lot of fun to edit. Check out 2:53 for some rockin’ good times.


Ellen Kolenick, now Elly Thorn, hired TYP to create a magical music video inspired by her daughters. Pregnant, underdressed, and braving the 2am chill, Ellen soldiered through dozens of takes under a perfect night sky surrounded by lanterns. It was lovely.